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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What are you Thankful for? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #bmore #tuesday

Keisha Henson I am Thankful for the gift of life, to be able to wake up with happiness and love in my heart, truly blessed!!! Gm Dre Johnson have a awesome day!!!

Natasha Morton-Dixon I am thankful for waking up everyday. Sounding myself with positive people and positive thoughts

Nuckols Sheila Thankful that I woke up another morning to try and do better than I did yesterday.

Stuart Goodall Seriously though, I’m thankful that the Jacksonville Jaguars scored more points than the San Francisco 49ers this past Sunday.

Elliott Simon Seeing 40. What’s up Stu

missbutts85 Waking up this morning

long_live_vito Thankful, for seeing 25, having two beautiful babies (prince and princess) and a very close, understanding, and loving family. @drejohnson1

daveth3kingLife  Dre! And a radio host that cares about his listeners!

imperfectlyphoenix Thankful for Life god almighty has blessed me with, as well as the Love of my Family, good health, the ability to learn and grow!

jptrintaylor My life, family. Job, good health. . Most of all still haven my father around while we fight this cancer. @drejohnson1

lovlivfree Health, career, education, clear mind

tommie37 I’m thankful for life, waking up this morning and being able to make today better than yesterday

natethedriverfields For my Family, Nate jr., Noah, Nashoni… what up @drejohnson1

brace_yourself327 Life and a job

stacy_independent A stable job and 3 healthy kids. Dre what are you thankful for?

blissfulibraLife, The Ultimate 2nd Chance! Each day I’m blessed to live is another day to be better then before. #Thankful😊

ashleybrewton I am thankful for a roof over my head, a job, good health and my family and friends @drejohnson1

justme_tonyeh Everything…. Good and bad

mickmickisback @drejohnson1 …im thankful for all the good & bad in my life bc w/o the bad, u can’t appreciate the good!

mr_september11th @drejohnson1 God for giving me a 2nd chance at life, My Children, My family, and My career in the US Army

mrscoolihi @drejohnson1 thankful for life happy birthday to my daughter Akiya!!!

drmeemz2b My mother who turns 55 today…thank God for her guidance and ambition as a single mother with two successful college grads for daughters. @drejohnson1

lastofadieingbreed69 I am thankful to have another day to do better, to learn more to grow stronger. Thankful for the blessing of another chance.

bella_rose_since1984 My relationship with God, my family, life and health.

tothebreakofdawn Thankful for waking up this morning, my family,&good health

bratty_baker I am most thankful for the powerful lessons my Mom left with me during her last week of life. I am so connected with my inner self which reflects in my love for others.

daunshay Life my family and God’s grace favor and mercy!🙏❤

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