Mr. "Leave Me Alone" dropped a few gems on song writing, focus, and spirituality.

During part two of my Getting To Know Cardi B interview, we focused on her music and personality.

While CeCe Winans was visiting the morning show, she took some time to share an inspiring message about this journey we call life. She reminds us that, despite our difficulties, God knows our struggle and he’s with us all the way. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out this exclusive video to hear her whole […]

Kanye West very abruptly cancelled his Life Of Pablo tour and was rushed to the hospital soon after. We have since heard that he’s being treated for a psychotic outbreak, among other things like exhaustion, sleep deprivation and paranoia. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Montell Jordan, who brought us “This Is How You Do It” […]

Keep walking into your purpose.. The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

God’s perfect timing; never early, never late. The Latest Music, Celebrities and Interviews:

Headkrack chatted with Chance The Rapper after the Atlanta stop on his “Coloring Book” tour. He revealed the biggest sacrifice he’s had to make as his career has taken off. He also explains how God plays a role in his life and in his music, and recalls “seeing God” in his daughter. He talks about […]

Are you ready?….. Are you ready for when God comes for us all? Is your soul and house together? Or do you even care? Whether you believe in a higher power or being or not, when we die I believe something happens. Watch this video of this guy that has a dream that God showed […]

So me, Kelson, and Steff Skeemz are sitting in the studio talking about everything from the Alton Sterling incident to life being black. I asked a question that made everybody stop in their tracks …. Is there really a God? Is there proof? So I googled it…. found a lot of interesting videos, but this […]

19-year-old gospel singer Jekalyn Carr has a powerful motivational word for all the young people out there who are feeling lost, or alone, unsupported, like they’re not enough or otherwise. She says she wants to “speak life into who you really are,” going on to say that we are more than our pain, and that our […]

DreThought.. When we put our problems in God’s Hands, he puts his peace in our hearts. Look up and find your peace!

DreThought: Love the people God gave you because he will need them back one day. Love and life shouldn’t be taken for granted. #thezone