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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. City officials are pushing for a curfew law that requires kids under 14 to be off the streets. What are your thoughts? #92qjams #baltimore #MARYLAND #tuesday #bmore

Stephanie Jones Good, there asses should be off the streets at a certain time anyway. I know my dad didn’t play that. Save our youth. #1 goal.

Dreadz Doesit Good I think its a good approach. Saves kids from getting into trouble. Especially with the law.

Eryn Brown It’s not a bad idea, however these parents need to be held accountable for this too. Be parents! Enforce it!!

Tenerra Pitts I think its a good idea in theory but how are they going to enforce it? As soon as parents start complaining. about having pick their kids up I’m afraid the whole thing will fall to the wayside.

Eryn Brown I was in that era that what the street lights came on u better be making it in the house. And mom or dad better not have to call u by ur government name or that’s ball game!!

Yvonne Artis YES, they Need to be Indoors! There`s Nothing to get into but Trouble, and it`s for their Own Safety, with All this Crime tht has been taken plc. here it`s for the Best! JMT!

Pat Bush-Johnson I think thays just a way to close the remaining recs and force parents to spend time with their bad ass children! Works for me! My child is 16 and the only day she gets to hang out is on saturday! And best believe she is in no later then 11p. Its all in how your raise them! Ijs

Shekella Charity Make it happen

Buck Jones Honestly curfew has been in place since some of us was infants just now they claim they enforce it you gonna go in every neighborhood apartment complex to tell a kid go in the house if they sitting on the front porch steps curb but you put manpower into officers down the harbor to harass most of the kids some who might be up to no good and some who might be enjoying the harbor I wonder which councilman drafted this bill or trying to amend to a already pre dated law.

Bria Danielle‏@J_adoreBRI @DreJohnson1 the curfew is an excellent idea; if parents don’t take the individual responsibility for their kids, obviously the gov’t will.

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 Half these kids don’t listen to their parents, they’re sure not going to abide by this curfew!! Think of something else!!

Harold Jenkins‏@HAJ3RD @DreJohnson1 GM big homie, I think it’s great, maybe it should be older then 14 too! Just get him off the street…… #safekids

DJDeeLamont‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite unless its school related, they have no business being out that late. They will find Nothing but trouble

Mount -N- Dew‏@HrmLssFlirt @DreJohnson1 don’t understand parenting these days. When we were coming up we knew curfew was like dusk. No laws needed. Just good parents

Andre Da’Giant ™‏@AndreDaGiant410 @DreJohnson1 When I was 14 the last thing I wanted to hear is that you HAVE to go in the house. We need better #parenting

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@BishopBradbee @DreJohnson1 GM…I believe some parents arent being accountable we need to reinstate the curfew. Its also for theirs & our safety

Dynamic511‏@dynamic51 @DreJohnson1 they should be in the house anyway at night.

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Officials shouldn’t have 2 intervene*Parental responsibility along with neighbors/ other adults in community 2 monitor kids. GM

buckjoneslegend17 is the limit why go lower how bout finding something for kids to do after school (recreation centers)

dh_dahitwryterThis is excellent! It takes a village

forever_a_lovely_cancer@drejohnson1 How many times are they going to push this? They push it and then they don’t enforce it

djbunk105814 is to young, anything under 18 should be in the house at 10

ima_rebellious_soul_Well what do you expect when you took away a lot of recreation centers and things like that so they just run the streets oh and let’s not include some of the parents don’t care where their child is until they on the news crying they missing @drejohnson1

stacy_independent I agree when I was 14 I had to be home by 7 or my mother would come to where she.knew I was and

inkedup_marleyboy @drejohnson1 we talking about bmore kids which arent your average kids half of them dont even listen to their parents so i doubt they gonna pay this curfew any mind #ijs

doggish1zprez How would you know how old they are ? These kids look old ass hell at 10 lmao @drejohnson1

natethedriverfields Good man, I think it is time for that to be set in place I get tired of seeing children who are outside without parental guidance after certain hours of the day. I think it would make the streets safer if children under a certain age had a set curfew! @drejohnson1 it’s time that the city held the parents responsible for their children after a certain hour of the day!

okimashontaIf  the mayor fight to keep open the recreation centers, this wouldn’t be necessary. I for one is tired of going to the juvenile detention center to pick my child up cuz him and his friends are targeted by the police. They need more positive things to do with their time. After school activities. HELP OUR KIDS, NOT HURT THEM. signed:a loving mom

queen_mochasoul beauty^^^^Totally agree ^^^^

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 It’s a good idea because the streets are not safe anymore. #anything 2 protect our kids!!!

s_o_n_y_e I hope they do phase it cause my neighbors kids are all under 14 and they seem to never go in until 10 or 11p. These streets are too “about that life” for that!! It’s like damn don’t they have school. Even if they don’t, they’re children and that’s the point!!

s_o_n_y_e Pass it*

_foreverjones I agree, they don’t need to be out late & some of them think they grown already

sheiztroubleIts unfortunate that some parents are not responsible enough to know that younger kids belong in the house. The city is pushing this due to the blood that is being spilled. The victims are getting younger and younger. I understand city halls decision and am in agreement.

daveth3king What happened to parents mandating a curfew? Most of these parents are twerking on social media and clubbing instead of raising their children.

kikibrown92q I believe it’s a safer resolution for all those affected. It will resolve a lot of the crime issues that our city is experiencing. I vote “yes” and the parents should be reprimanded as well should they violate.

missingmomma Totally agree it should be 8

unstoppable215 People always blame the closing of recreation centers for kids acting out but the truth is the majority of kids weren’t going to rec centers from the jump and thats why they closed them. So people please come up with some better options cause that is a tired excuse. I’m all for the curfew.

ageminivision Whatever keeps our youth out of trouble @drejohnson1

gibsonsphotography It should be 16 & under!!!

drmeemz2b I agree with 16 and under!!!!

menageg Yes

cokogottiIts sad that they have to make laws to govern things that parents should be responsible for.

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