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I put down my #TeamOdom flag yesterday when I heard the news that NBA baller, Lamar Odom,  checked into a rehab facility for his alcohol and drug addictions. I’m still a supporter but I won’t applaud abuse. I have family members who are addicted to drugs and I see what it’s not only done to their lives but to the lives of their loved ones. I’m glad he has decided to enter into rehab because he realized (I’m assuming) he has a lot to lose: Family, Friends, Endorsements, Career…you name it!

If you have a drug problem or if you have a loved one who has abused drugs and you’re wondering what are the steps that they need to take to go to rehab, I have a few tips that might help you out:

Just know the decision to enter rehab is a big step toward sobriety and it’s also scary! So please try to be as supportive as you can possibly be.


Remain honest with yourself

Remain honest with yourself about your reasons for wanting to go, what you expect to gain and what you are willing to contribute to the process of your own healing.

Investigate rehab centers

A rehab stay can prove quite costly, so check your health insurance to see what it covered. Some rehab centers offer private-pay programs at reduced rates for the uninsured. Alternately, speak to your local social services office about state-funded rehab programs. Before choosing any rehab center, speak to at least one person there to see how the program works. Ask about visiting hours, a typical day’s schedule and its therapeutic approaches.

Prepare others for your time away

Take vacation or a leave of absence from work and let family members and close friends know where you are and how to reach you. Avoid anyone that does not support of your decision.

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