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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. What will be the final score of the Ravens vs Broncos game tonight? #92qjams #baltimore #ravensnation #maryland #bmore #thursday

Da’Shae SteelersfanforLife Ricks 27-10 ad that 27 is for the broncos lol

Jermaine Townes Alot 2 alittle bit…PURPLE CITY OVA EVERYTHING

Dominic Day Sr. I don’t know wut the final score may B but da Ravenz will win by a field goal & James da great Ravenz pass should B revoked 4 dat prediction… he must B still sleep lol

Natasha Morton-Dixon Ravens 28- Denver 14

Matthew E. Bradby II‏@BishopBradbee @DreJohnson1 Good morning! I predict the final score between the Ravens & the Broncos to be 28-24 Ravens. Have a great day!

Sharon ‏@smokedlexus #RavensNation #FootballIsBack @DreJohnson1

Brit‏@BettertobeB @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite #92qjams I think it will be close, but I hope y’all do something ridiculous and smash them!

Dynamic511‏@dynamic @DreJohnson1 I have to agree with James the great. But 17 to 10. Denver.

eman3275 Ravens 14 Broncos 27 Go Ravens lol

natethedriverfieldsJames the great working today @drejohnson1

longlivevito88 27-24 ravens, all day, err day. #ravensnation #baltimore #92qjams @drejohnson1

drmeemz2b 27-13 Broncos!! Yea I said it

bmchbarzmuzik Ravens 34 Broncos 17 Ravens Nation stand up @drejohnson1

doeboyr7 31-14 BRONCOS @drejohnson1 gonna b a long year for y’all bruh

prada_or_nota77 27-34 BALTIMORE

bfaclincoln_ryder 21-14 #Ravensnation

ljac1919 24-10 Ravens

rell1700 @drejohnson1 30-27 #RAVENSNATION

china_bmorebeauty 24-21 RAVENS OF COURSE @drejohnson1

jamesthegreat1I REPEAT! BRONCOS 27 RAVENS 20…

nodramaclint83 @drejohnson1 high altitude Idk if ravens ready straight out the gate for that broncos 20-13

djbunk1058 @drejohnson1 40-12 Ravens win

bjaysamazing82 I will say 24-21 Ravens

natethedriverfields 14 to 10 Baltimore wins @drejohnson1


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