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Somewhere in SOHO, NYC there are people waiting in a long line for a delicious pastry know as a Cronut.  A cross between a donut and croissant….it has swept the nation and people are going nuts for ’em.  So of course it’s all over IG. Check out some of fav #Cronut pics.

Shout out to @heidiKlum for making us more hungry in the studio.  She and the rest of the nation are going nuts for #cronuts. 

@sayalyssahey is proud of her obsession…..cronuts in her mouth make her happy!

@djvesuvius got their #cronut fix at DK’s Donuts & Bakery

thanks for sharing @dannyc_c wow….them #cronuts must be so good….look at that line.  They are all waiting for #cronuts.

Shout out @nekkidchef and his lola.  Lola means Grandma in Filipino and apparently…….Lola’s love the #cronut too.

Shout out @fantasesay  she’s been texting her friends about #cronuts in her mouth

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