The D.A. couldn’t ignore the sea of selfies on IG today and we salute those on top of their #SaturdaySelfie game.  Check out today’s winners below… S/o @djtwisted3000 ….good look during this cuffin season! and look @lisha_justme + friend … with their lips out!!! hurt em!!! Follow us on IG to […]

  The D.A. salutes our IG family that now how to #TurnUpEarly in the #InstagrammyAwards …. Follow us on IG @dreJohnson1 @tweetAcruz to see all the nominees  & See our hand selected winners below and hear why we chose them by clicking on the audio player below.   @LaTunda & Her Red lips snagged Grammy […]

 Today the D.A. salutes the rival high school teams, both Poly and City.  City won today’s game but we showed love to both schools since they flooded our timelines.  Check out the pics below and click the player below to hear the on-air announcement!  s/o @jeane.bronte thx for sharing this video… showing city pride…see the […]

  As 92Q prepares for tomorrow’s Breast Cancer Walk, The D.A. Salutes everyone lookin good, rockin that pink in the #Instagrammys  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month…Salute to everyone helping spread awareness and fighting this disease! See the winners below and click on the player below to hear the on air shout out.   and here […]

  The D.A. salutes our friends and their squad in the Instagrammys … We honor our favorite #usie and #squad grams this week. Listen to the audio below to here the on air salute and look at the pics below.       Loading S/o @getoverhere_ & his good #sqaud .. Gets an #instagrammyNod Tag […]

  Of course The D.A., Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz, had to salute our home teams in this week’s edition of the Instagrammy’s.  Check out this week’s super star winners below and follow us to see the honorable mentions. @dreJohnson1 @tweetAcruz —   Loading S/o @pink_e521 saw ur tag late but you still got the […]

We salute those that have mastered the art of giving good #SexySelfieFace.  Knowing the angles, lighting, filters and your face makes all the difference.   Check out today’s Instagrammy Winners below… the #SexyFaceSelfie Champs! And click the player below to hear why they won:) s/o @Desco10 for really showing the different layers of her #sexySelfieFace […]

The D.A. Salutes some of our fav #myDadRocksBecause pics in the #Instgrammys !!1 This weekend 92Q did for the dad’s on Instagram, by hooking up folks that posted dad pics with the hashtag #MyDadRocksBecause and The D.A. picked out some the our favorites in the #Instagrammys !!!  Click the player below to hear what The […]

  We celebrate proms, graduations, Preakness and whatever else people are doing today in the #Instagrammys today.  Why not?  Today it was all about #WhatImDoing and here are some of our favs from today. s/o @shanell7 her babygirl looks amazing heading to prom.. {Correction..I was just informed she was going to a cotillion.  My bad..she […]

  The D.A. salutes the #cutestKids in the #instagrammys today.  The weather is nice and our IG friends are out and about enjoying some good ol family time with the babies.  Look at some of our fav #instakids and to all you non-parents that are annoyed by people that post pics of their kids…..OH WELL […]

  We celebrate the beautiful day in Bmore with our IG friends. They tagged us and showed us how they decided to enjoy the day. Here are some our fav #SaturdayFun posts… S/o to @getoverhere_ spending his Saturday with the fam and S/o to @dam_inican for promoting her nomination to the world…lol  Flattery & Promo […]

In preparation for Easter (tomorrow) and in reflection of the hectic busy week, the D.A. looks for #Inspiration in the Instagrammy Awards.  One of the beautiful things about social networking is that you can actually find positivity in your friend’s posts. Check out our the winners. S/O to the super talent B’more comedian @desi4018 for […]