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Last night, actress Gabrielle Union starred in a new BET series titled “Being Mary Jane” and I can say that every scene (except the “office” scene) I’ve related to!

I’m sure that all of us women, especially career focused or successful, can admit that Mary Jane’s life is somewhat similar to our own, right?

One issue in particular that I can say that I have experienced is finding a stable love. I’m sure it’s my fault because I don’t know how to let go of my own control (that’s another story) but it’s difficult to be a powerful women in any industry that’s dominated primarily by men and live a stable life at the same time.

Hell! We saw that with Whitney Houston’s character in “Waiting To Exhale”! Why is it so hard to find love and be successful at the same time?

I found some tips. Maybe they’ll work:

  1. Treat your personal life as well as your professional life. You need to make time in your day for yourself and meeting people just as you do for your business meetings. First transform yourself to a “new you” look: highlights, manicure, new clothes, a well-deserved pick-me-up. Add happy hour to your calendar as well as getting your girlfriends to go with you to places where men are hanging out. That is not at sushi restaurants but rather at the gym, steak houses and sports bars.
  2. Be social. Host a party at your house and have your single girlfriends all bring a guy friend. The more love connections you try to make, the sooner Cupid’s arrow will strike.
  3. Use work to your advantage. Don’t just go to business meetings for work. Make connections and meet and greet with the possibility of a romantic get together. I know most people don’t like to date at work, but when you are traveling or at a corporate meeting, you could meet Mr. Right. Be open-minded about a little intermix between work and play.



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