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How is it that Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and anybody else that makes remarks that are out of bounds can loose endorsements? Now a major golfer like Sergio can say something that is so out of bounds that a kid knows it’s wrong but his major endorsers Taylor Made and Adidas says we are going to look into the issue!!! I play golf with the Taylor Made Burner Clubs and may have to rethink my club choice. I am not saying I want Sergio to loose his deal with them but I do hold them accountable for knowing who they are endorsing because they represent their brand. Tiger Woods has been dealing with stuff like this in golf forever and sponsors of these loose lip undercover racist guys need to be put on notice. It is 2013 and everybody has an excuse when they get caught but what if nobody said anything… I am sure this is not Sergio Garcia’s first time saying something like what you will read below.

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