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I’m studying management in my Masters program and I figured I’d share a few things that I’m learning about becoming an effective manager.

There are many functions that determine an effective manager: interpersonal, informative and decisional. If you lack in these areas, it may cause you to lose direction from your employees and productivity could be effected.

Follow these tips to help you along the journey of becoming an effective manager:

Manage your time well before you manage anyone or anything else. Manage time, don’t let time manage you.Take care of yourself so you can take of those who depend on you.

Focus on the things you and your employees CAN do instead of trying to do what you CANNOT do. Work to and build on your strengths before trying to stregnthen your weaknesses.

Be clear with expectations for projects and assignments. The better you are able to explain exactly what is required of an employee, the less likely that you’ll need to step in and micromanage a project.

Give employees opportunities to take on more responsibility. For example, tell an employee he will be responsible for leading the staff meeting during a particular week or that you’d like him to lead the pitch meeting for a potential client. When employees know that they are responsible for an important project or task, they are more apt to gain confidence and perform well.




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