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You know, I don’t think I’d be where I am right now without the support of my family and my closest friends. My friend Dawn, who lives in Atlanta, told me to pack my bags and get ready to move to Baltimore. She said “claim what’s yours”. She had no idea what I was in store for, but her belief in me helped me get here. My friends Tramaine, Dana, Tiffany, Brandi Smith, Monika, all my friends named Kim (lol),  Whittney, and so many more have helped me through school when assignments were due, helped me with advice on how to cater to my son’s needs, helped me with expenses or helped me when I was sick. I can’t forget my best friends in Pittsburgh Gina and Netta nor my co-workers here who are constantly supportive in every area of my life!

My friend Dani, whom I call my kid sister, helps me CONSTANTLY. I love all my friends who are always there and if you have a friend that helped you from simply giving you a word of encouragement or financially, tell them how much you appreciate them. Thank your hair stylist for bring you back to life every 2 weeks! (Love you B’Glam!!!)

If you’re stuck with ideas on how to show a friend your appreciation, maybe these tips can help:

  1. Say ‘thank you’ immediately when someone does something kind for you.
  2. Offer to return the kindness with a favor.
  3. Mention your appreciation much later in time. For example, a few months later you could simply tell them that you were thinking back on their kindness and you are just so grateful for their generosity.
  4. Purchase a small gift to represent a token of your appreciation. Pay attention to their likes so that the gift compliments that.


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