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So the family’s coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and you’re a little nervous about that one particular family member who grosses you out every year! Belching at the table, scratching themselves, or taking the last piece of pie without asking! These are some improper and inappropriate things that people tend to do when we’re out in a public  or formal setting like a family dinner. Now, don’t get me wrong, you can still be yourself, but you should still utilize proper table etiquette wherever you go!

Here are a few tips:

Bring a Dish

If you are going to a nice family meal on Thanksgiving and everyone is encouraged to bring a dish, then bring some food! Most families are not going to be nasty about it, but in general, no one likes a freeloader.

Don’t Be Greedy

Please do not show up at your family’s house with bowls of Tupperware containers in a bag just waiting to take all the leftovers. I don’t care if you did bring the ham. No one likes a greedy eater.

The Dinner Table is a Drama Free Zone

No one cares about the time Cousin Larry forgot to pay you that $20 back in 1983. Also, no one wants to hear about how your brother got the better bike at Christmas in 1972.  Furthermore, Fred and Sue have been divorced for 11 years!  Stop talking about her as if she is still in the family when Fred’s new wife is at the table.

Don’t Be Disgusting

During the Thanksgiving meal, try to remain on your best behavior. You can burp and pass gas as much as you want at your own home, but while at the Thanksgiving dinner, pretend you have some manners. This means:

  • Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Don’t talk with food in your mouth.