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Man Camp 2012 is this Saturday and although we’ll be teaching young men ages 10-17 how to communicate clearly, the importance of self image and building self-esteem, our older gentlemen still lack these skills.

If you can’t make Man Camp 2012, here are a few things you can teach your YOUNG MAN (or OLD MAN) when it comes to practicing good manners:

Model the phrases you want to hear. Say “please” and “thank you” yourself and your children will naturally begin to say them, too. Add other phrases like “excuse me” as well.

Require that your children address elders with titles. Children should use “Mr.,” “Mrs.” and “Ms.” when addressing elders.

Correct behavioral mistakes as they occur, but do not humiliate a child in front of others. Make correction a private exchange between you and your child that corrects but is done in an encouraging way.

Recognize and encourage proper behavior that you like so that your child will be motivated to continue these behaviors.


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