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Don’t we all have some trust issues when you really think about it? Especially when it comes to our money, children and our hearts. Someone in our past took that liberty from us and since then, we’ve carried it with us; damaging every new relationship along the way.

How to you overcome your trust issues?

Direct all accusations inward: start to ask yourself these two questions- What about this situation reminds me of the past? Where is the evidence that this will happen again? These questions will usually calm the brain down and force you to welcome back logic into the thought process.

Everyone is an equal:  Place everyone on equal playing ground from the jump. There is no need to give a warning about not wanting to get hurt, that’s common sense boo. Instead focus on gathering as much information about a person as you can, connecting your interests & values with theirs.

Trust yourself:  That is with everything from a new career opportunity to relationships. Look at all things as a new beginning in life! Don’t be naive, but know that not all things are out to hurt you.



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