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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. The New Year brings a spike in violence in Baltimore. What will it take to change this trend? @drejohnson @92qjamsbmore #baltimore #theda #bmore

Latasha White It will take parents to start parenting and be just that a parent all year long. The city curfew to actually be enforced consistently. And criminals to serve full sentences. Maybe then they’ll learn.

I AM WHO I AM‏@A1ManShow @DreJohnson1 better school system after school programs jobs and stronger families n home life.

eddiehollywood‏@eddiehollywood GM @DreJohnson1 My opinion there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING government can do about PERSONAL CONDUCT!!!

Erica Michelle‏@_librarymotives @DreJohnson1 will be The Lord to change the city those cant not go into church n like the Dj said its parents that gotta help with that.

tehcoleeI think gun control and strict law enforcement41m

tiffstar_04Lock people up and leave them there!!!! Stop with these reduced or time served sentences…32m

mr_robinson_est11@drejohnson1 legalize weed and watch the city become a better place31m

luv4fattasticParents being more involved and stop shutting everything down like PAL centers etc.. These kids are bored and wanting attention!!31m

teachinjayAs a teacher in the city, I’d definitely say we need parents to be parents and raise our kids bc there are so many of my students that don30m

irock20pearlzIf the parents of young people don’t have emotional control and will curse out, fight and shoot anyone then how can we expect the children to know and learn any different. It starts at the head!29m

teachinjay*don’t get “raised” at home so they are just running around doing whatever they see in the movies or hear/watch on youtube/tv/in the movies.29m

nakaja1310They shud hav been n the courtroom wen we got justice 4 dae dae…115 yrs in jail @ age 19 u do the math. They will thnk twice b4.

Hi MaSoN’s MoM‏@MasonMiAmor @DreJohnson1 go back to the discipline that our grandparents raises our parents on. The day of fist fights and beatings. Gm dre






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