With all the turmoil in the world surrounding police brutality and overall gun violence you would think state legislators would desire to insure public safety by clamping down on the lack of gun control. Well the state of Texas has other plans in mind. According to Hollywood Unlocked, “On Wednesday night (May 5), the Texas […]

Down goes Frazier! Just as Desiigner was starting his ascent in Hip Hop, his street antics may be pulling him down. Last night while in NYC, Desiigner and 4 other members whom he was traveling with was arrested and charged with felony crimes. According to TMZ, “the people in the SUV and the driver of […]

New York City's West Indian Festival J'Ouvert is a legendary staple in Brooklyn during Labor Day Weekend, but this year's event ended in two brutal deaths.

Chris Brown is speaking out about his most recent arrest.

Police have entered Chris Brown, after finally getting a warrant.

With the rumors of Ciara adding documents to her defamation lawsuit against Future since worried about him killing her soon to be husband Russell Wilson, it has been an interesting day for that trio. Since the news has broke, Future seems to be very unbothered by the claims. Instead of addressing anything, he;s been posting […]

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Police took Rothenberg into custody without incident, later charging her with first-degree threatening, seven counts of reckless endangerment and interfering with police and second-degree breach of peace.

Role-playing may have spiced up this couple's love life a bit too much.