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Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker, Ray Lewis, was extremely gracious when he broke the news to the world that this will be his final season with the franchise after 16 years.

Although you don’t have as many sacks and endorsements as Mr. Lewis, I’m sure if you take a page out of his book, you could leave your current place of employment (or relationship) with just as much grace as he did.

Here are a few tips:

Provide ample notice. In general, most employers request two weeks’ notice for quitting a position. However, this can differ depending on your workplace, so find out through the human resources department what is standard with your company.

For a relationship, state specifically why you’re ending the relationship. If your partner has been repeatedly unfaithful and doesn’t care about stopping the disrespectful behavior towards you, tell this to him or her.

Write out a resignation letter to your supervisor. Put your resignation into writing, but avoid rambling. Keep your letter brief and concise, and maintain a courteous tone.

Avoid language that’s rude or hurtful to your partner. If you’re ending the relationship because your girlfriend is too possessive but still has other nice qualities, tell her that while you didn’t like her possessiveness, you appreciated that she was always there for you during your tough times and that you’ll always be grateful for this.

Work hard up until you leave. Just because you have given your notice doesn’t mean that you can slack off for your remaining time. Keep a positive relationship with your employers until your very last day.

Ask your partner to not contact you anymore after the breakup. Tell your partner that you will not accept any phone calls, text messages or emails from him or her from this point on. Also erase your partner’s email address, phone number and mailing address from your address book and phone.

SOURCE (Ending your job)

SOURCE  (Ending your relationship)

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