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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Tuesday! What your favorite Christmas song? @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 I love This Christmas by Donny Hathaway and Chris Brown, Silent Night by Temptations and My Gift to you by Alexander O’Neal! GM

JG‏@smoote23 @DreJohnson1 James brown “Santa Claus go straight to the Ghetto”

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 “This Christmas”, “12 Days of Christmas”, and anything they sing on A Charlie Brown Christmas. Morning honey bun!!

ClassyLady‏@mochahunny84 @DreJohnson1 hey boo! Gotta say my fave christmas song is ‘This Christmas’ by Donny Hathaway!

Shekella Charity‏@3in3years @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore Let it Snow by Boys ll Men, GM

Ricky James™‏@dickyjames @DreJohnson1 DMX’s Rudolf The Rednosed Raindeer…GM!

Dj J Swift‏@IbeJSwift @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore Gm Fav Christmas song, Temptations Silent Night

_Sideeye‏@_SideEYE @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore GM Dre! I love Christmas in Hollis

Tyesha Missjunefirst‏@Tyesha_jeshurun @DreJohnson1 My favorite Christmas songs are Jackson 5 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Temptation Silent Night…

bfac_ceo@drejohnson1 lol the remix that dmx did lmmfao1h

moneymakingmjGive Love on Christmas Day- Jackson 5 @drejohnson11h

flowsuniquely4uSilent Night – Boyz II Men; I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause – Jackson 51h

mshollywoodfacesGive love on Christmas day – Jackson 51h

blissfulibraBoyz II Men @flowsuniquely4u? I think you mean Silent Night by the Temptations. That’s my fav…1h

flowsuniquely4uYes by Boyz II Men @blissfulibra Temptations one is good as well1h

blissfulibraI don’t think I ever heard that one @flowsuniquely4u. Let me YouTube it. U might be onto something bcuz I used to love Boyz II Men.1h

baltimoresfinest_autoclub@drejohnson1 silent night by the temptations1h

marti_kia@drejohnson1 Let It Snow – Boyz II Men & Christmas In Hollis – Run DMC1h

flowsuniquely4uYes @blissfulibra they are one of my fave groups and their Christmas Album is pretty good1h

missjae1908This Christmas-Chris Brown/ Anything from the Temptations!1h

dreamgyrlno1@blissfulibra I am appalled!!! How could u NOT know a B2M song with all that we went thru with them!!! LMAO!1h

blissfulibraHey @dreamgyrlno1!! Don’t start no ish this morning!! LMBO. It was a close one but I’m still going with the Temps. @flowsuniquely4u & @dreamgyrlno11h

fstaggjr@drejohnson1 Boyz II Men-Let it Snow

courtneysongzLet it snow- boys 2 meb

modelme_na_na_Little drummer boy1

bigmarco711The Temptations/Silent Night

1sexy_diva2Silent Night by the Temptations1

dancer4life_1998This Christmas by Chris brown or Christina Agulara

tammyp2003Carol of the Bells- I like Destinys Child’s version

augustbabeeOh holy night & Luther Vandross’s every year every Christmas. . O and the hippopotamus kids song.

missdee_nvme8 days of Christmas destined child

playnomoreDMX Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer