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It was Open Question night in The Love Zone and one of the questions posted on my Facebook page was — should Facebook be part of the vows because it is destroying marriages?  I answered the listener with probably not in the vows, but definitely “social media” should be addressed in pre-marital counseling. Rules need to be established by the couple early (total trust, sharing passwords or deleting pages) on social media before it can become an issue.

Here are a few of the comments from the show:

Is Facebook really ruining marriages or are married people and others in relationships using it as an excuse for deeper problems within their relationships? Not saying I know the answer to this but I think it’s an easy blame game. – Lori

in order for marriage to work there have to be honesty and trust. – @willsaun3

covenant relations last regardless of all social media! – @hizcand3

it’s the ppl in the marriage that’s killing it! – @tcampbell312

Isn’t the bottom line trust? Now we have social media to confirm the lack of trust there is in marriages and relationships. – Sean