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2013 Dodge Dart

You heard me! The 2013 Dodge Dart is the TRUTH baby! First of all, It’s made in America……. which means jobs for US. (4000 jobs to be exact). 2nd, it has everything you want in a car …. AND MORE! A 8.4 in. touch screen that displays everything…. radio. phone, climate control, you name it! Plus, you can control everything from the touch screen….. and it syncs up with you phone. Your call log, phone book, and text messages (make sure your Boo’s not in the car) !!!! Check it out, you know how I love music right.?… my music ….on my phone…. also links up with the car…. NO CORDS NEEDED!

Look, if you see me riding around Baltimore …. stop me and see for yourself.

**NEWSFLASH**Go to your Dodge dealer and check out the Dart for yourself then log on to dartaroundbaltimore.com…. You can enter to win a $100 GAS CARD BABY!!!

I’m out….. bout to dart….in my Dodge…..PEEEE-OOUNNNN :-)