Spunky New York City woman Caridad McKiver turned 100 Thursday and said that the secret to her long life is loving "big men" who are "sweeter, more passionate and patient."

Babyyyyyyy, when you are the heir to the Carter throne and your parents are Jay-Z and Beyonce, no coin is spared when it comes to playing dress up in public.  Word on the curb is Queen Bey shelled out a lor over 2 grand at Bergdorg Goodman’s for the piece that HIT to be worn, […]

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star MiMi Faust was apparently offered $100,000 for her sex tape with her boyfriend and castmate Nikko.  A few companies were bidding for the tape but Vivid Entertainment made the highest offer. Vivid Entertainment founder Steve Hirsch told Hollywood Life, “We were approached by a third party to release the […]

2013 Dodge Dart You heard me! The 2013 Dodge Dart is the TRUTH baby! First of all, It’s made in America……. which means jobs for US. (4000 jobs to be exact). 2nd, it has everything you want in a car …. AND MORE! A 8.4 in. touch screen that displays everything…. radio. phone, climate control, […]

Okay, so this promoter Damon Feldman has been so desperate to get Chris Brown and Drake in a boxing match ever since their fallout at a nightclub in New York. He offered both entertainers $5 million each. Even though, Chris initially said he was down for the fight, neither party signed on for the fight. […]