We (yeah, I said “we”)  are so quick to pull the “RACE” card when they feel violated or feel as though they’re being treated unfaily. If it’s at a restaurant, a concert, a police office, or whereever (by whomever) no one deserves to be treated unfairly for any reason! We all have rights and if your rights are being violated, here are a few steps you should take before you pull out the RACE CARD or your balled up fist!

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1. Remain calm at all times. Listen to key words that will indicate that you are being approached by someone who is being a racist. Key words like “you people” or “your kind”.

2. Can I get a witness: If you’re alone and you’re approaced by someone who is violating your rights by using racial slurs or comments that you feel are disrespectful, find someone who is in the area that may have heard what was said. This may be difficult because some people tend to “plead the 5th” and mind their own business. If you’re not alone, tell your friends to record the conversation or listen carefully to what is being said.

3. Pick your battles: if it’s something that can be resolved in a cival conversation, then try that. If not, walk away (be careful) and immediately contact the police or later contact the management office to file a report. Always follow up for a resolution.

No matter how much we get upset and raise our fists, nothing can be done about racism. That’s the sad thing about this whole thing. Being the better person is always the best option. Remember…YOU HAVE RIGHTS!!


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