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Ever stare at your man wondering what’s going on in his mind? Yeah, I’ve been there too! I think it’s under lock & key with a guard Rotweiler who hadn’t had his rabies shots yet! LOL!

Well, I went snooping around (like us women are known to do) and I found some things that our men wouldn’t want us to know.

Saying “I love you” is complicated.

Those “three little words” could be the most complex in the English language. While some men prematurely pull the trigger on the “L word” (a recent study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that guys tend to say “I love you” first, often driven by the idea that their partner will be more likely to have sex with them) — other guys just aren’t that good at getting the words out.

Commitment really does scare me.

Men often have a harder time picking up on subtle relationship cues — and because of this, your man may not be aware of the point in which your bond has moved to a higher expectation of commitment. In fact, some guys get anxious about becoming attached, even if they seem to enjoy the relationship.

I get performance jitters.

Do men think about sex a lot? Sure they do, but their fears of sexual inadequacy may be just as frequent. If a man has ever had an unsuccessful go at sex (and most of them have! — flopped romps can be triggered by common missteps such as drinking too much), his stress in the bedroom can stockpile — which can eventually lead to sexual dysfunction.

I’m not crazy about monogamy

This difference between men and women can be one of the most

damaging to a couple because of the sense of betrayal it can create

(even if he never actually strays).

There’s more! Click here for the full list!

Now ladies, this doesn’t mean that all men have these issues! So don’t greet your man at the door with the side eye! Take it all in with an open heart and figure out a way to deal with it. Now, it’s time for you to work out a way to love him just the same!

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