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Dre’s #breakfast bite.. Do You Think Metal Detectors Should Be Used In Schools? @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

Slim NokutKardz Jim U damn rite…. Dis world is krazy, n itz gettin more n more by da min.

Marcellus Soulblock Gotwalt As long as I don’t have to take off all my rings.

Mekelle Mccormick GM…Yes indeed!! I can remember our high school had them when we were there. Things are certainly getting worse now with depression and other things. I think that school guidance counselors and teachers need to be more equipped also to know the signs of depression and follow the procedures for reporting it.

Kendra SweetzBad Betty if they use them in city schools what makes the county schools any different.

Hope Williams OF COURSE!!!! Times have changed. When I was school if there was any kind of disagreement people used fist now kids resort to weapons. We need to save our schools and most importantly OUR KIDS.

Shan-onmybestAgame Gold Yes, we had them up Walbrook from 95-99. It’s a wake up call for them to stop thinking it only happens in the city or city schools……. watch the news for every other state having rampage shootings!! Crime is crime & happens everywhere, sometimes they just keep it quiet.

“@DJ_LemonAAde: @DreJohnson1 GM fam. Somebody is not paying attention. They should have set that plan a long time ago.”

“@TayaS36: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore it’s so sad that it would have 2 come 2 this but yes I agree”

“@ChefBoY_RBOOGIE: @DreJohnson1 Yes! These Kids R Gettin Crazier So U gotta Protect the 1s That R really there 2 Learn….GM DRe!”

“@rvngirl: @DreJohnson1 #breakfast @92qjamsbmore sadly yes. But, kids will find a way around those too. SMH.”

“@MasonMiAmor: @DreJohnson1 I do & don’t because if it will keep kids by all means yes. But I also think it down grades the school. GM Dre”

“@tweetAcruz: “@DreJohnson1: Dre’s #breakfast bite.. @92qjamsbmore” yes, whatever it takes”

“@mrsjodijay: @DreJohnson1 definitely!!! We need to be more proactive instead of reactive.”

“@jujub710: @DreJohnson1 At this point, yes! Things aren’t how they used to be! We have to do all we can to keep our kids safe!”

“@TherealMissNae: @DreJohnson1 Hell yeah they should’ve BEEN had them back in “98” went I went to Northern High! SMH”

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Here’s MY question. Would metal detectors really have prevented these tragedies? Kids find ways around even those!

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