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Just in case you missed Hollywood Ex’s on VH-1 last night, here’s the breakdown!

Canceco’s ex (Jennifer) expressed to the girls (Will, Ed, Prince, and R. Kelly’s exes) that back in the day she had and abortion. Thing about it is that she’s a mad VEGAN and the ex’s were left scratching their heads when she (Jessica..Canceco’s ex) called them (including Will’s Ex….Sheree) a hypocrit!!!

So…(takes a breath) the abortion story kinda shook Prince’s ex (Mayte) because she had two miscarriages (from Prince) 15 years ago (she still wants to have a baby and has yet to deal with this in therapy).


No..(takes another breath) Sheree (Will’s ex), Nicole (Eddie Murphy’s ex) and Andrea (R. Kelly’s ex) with Mayte and Jessica (Prince and Canseco’s ex’s) are out to dinner when Mayte decides to express that she’s all in her feelings about the fact that Jessica didn’t really have any emotions to the story about the abortion. (well…I mean…) So Jessica has a dumb blonde moment (she’s really blonde..not sure if she’s dumb but it was funny) and says “Well…sorry!” That wasn’t good enough for Prince’s ex, so she gets pissed and throws drinks across the table! Not hitting Jessica but hitting Will and Eddie’s ex’s (Nicole and Sheree)!


R. Kelly’s ex (Andrea) follows Mayte (Prince’s ex) outside to calm her down! Jessica (Canseco’s ex) is still trying to figure out what the hell is going on!


Ok! So I guess the message is….it’s hard to be a vegan??? I don’t know…but check the clip to figure it out yourself!


Glad I had my NUVO !!! Sheesh!!!

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