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Kanye Puts His Foot Down:

In light of recent Twitter beef between Ray J and former girlfriend,  Kim Kardashian, who is now dating rapper Kanye West, Yeezy isn’t too happy with what Ray J had to say about his girlfriend’s latest tweet. Something about her success and blah blah blah. Well, an insider with Kanye’s camp, says that Yeezy has instructed all of his staff that under no circumstances are they to watch the video of Kim and Ray canoodling on video, which most of us believe started Kim K’s career in the first place. (That didnt’ stop Ray J to take to twitter and remind the socialite). He instructed his staff that they’re not to speak on the video either. This after his staff felt that it was ok to joke about behind his back. Can you say and spell DENIAL???

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Jackson Jack’ed

I’m hearing that brothers Randy and Jermaine Jackson are making plans to take over dead brother Michael Jackson’s estate. Allegedly, all brothers and sisters (including Janet) have signed a letter claiming that the initial executor (I think that’s their mother) step down. If this happens, this will give them (Randy and Jermaine, $70,000 each as executors) I can hear Ms. Katherine right now saying “over my dead body” which I believe they’re waiting for. It’s a rumor right now but if it is true, my only comment would be “Damn! That’s cold!”

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President Speaks on Colorado Shooting:

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama speak out on the recent Colorado massacre that took the lives of 12 last night in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater during the midnight viewing of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”. The shooting resulted in 12 people dead and over 50 people injured.

President Obama put a pause to his political campaign to address the country:

“There will be other days for politics, this is a day for prayer and reflection.”

“Michelle and I are shocked and saddened by the horrific and tragic shooting in Colorado.”

Obama closed out his speech with a moment of silence.

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Rapper A$AP Rocky was taken into NYPD custody tonight after he allegedly put the smackdown on 2 guys who took pics of him … TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources … A$AP Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, had gotten into a verbal dispute with someone in downtown Manhattan, when 2 civilians started snapping photos of the incident.

We’re told A$AP and a friend quickly turned their attention to the amateur photogs … and a full-fledged fight erupted. Our sources say the two victims suffered cuts and bruises with one requiring treatment at a hospital.

We’re told responding officers arrested AR … and he’s expected to be booked for attempted robbery. It’s unclear, at this point, what he’s accused of trying to pilfer.

Rocky is a native New Yorker and member of the hip hop group A$AP Mob. He was nominated for Best New Artist at the BET Awards this year. Click here for more on this!


Diamond’s Speaks Out On Scrappy Gossip:

Not sure why this is news, but some people really want to know about former Crime Mob member Diamond’s relationship with Soulja Boy and how clean her “box” really is. She sat down with a NYC morning show to discuss the slandering that involved former boo Lil’ Scrappy and his ratchet mama “Mama Dee” on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

…Again, not sure why we’re discussing this but I’m sure someone out there wanted to know! You’re welcome sir!

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