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Ladies it is summer! Which means that those toes are going to be out and, pedicures will be needed. No worries, if you can not afford to get a deluxe spa pedicure, you can always do it yourself. Most people don’t know that having unhealthy nails isn’t good. There are many cases where unwanted growths such a funguses live and grow under the nail surface. Don’t let it be you!

Keep your feet cleaned! Please don’t walk around with your shoes off! It is not lady like and you could step on a piece of glass! It is also unhealthy. Try to avoid walking around your home bare foot also!

Hairy toes? Remove that hair! It isn’t feminine. Try to wax or shave that unwanted toe hair.

Keep your feet moisturized! Lotion or olive oil should do the trick. Lotion or oil your feet at night and cover them in a pair of socks to keep them soft.

Remove old polish!  Chipped polish is tacky. If your polish is starting to chip just remove it. If you don’t like to polish your toes, polishing them clear is a must.

Your feet are very important for your stature and stance. Wear your shoe size. Nobody wants bunions or corns!

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