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So you are finally graduating! Are you nervous or excited? Don’t worry because this can be a very trying time and everybody goes through it. Life after graduating is honestly what you make it. This transition can be a tough one to make but here are a few tips on how to adjust.

Decide if you want to go to graduate school or if you want to find a job. Finding job is a hard process but you just have to keep looking. Internships are always good to have because you could possibly get a job that way. If all else fails, volunteer work is an option.

Make a decision about where you are going to live. Maybe you want to live alone or you just may have to head back home with your parents. This can be a difficult transition so be aware. If you are living on your own, just don’t forget to pay those bills!

Don’t forget to keep your resume updated! This crucial so please make sure that it is in perfect condition.

Make sure to save your money! Don’t blow all of your graduation cash. A vacation is nice but if you are not working, take precaution.

Just remember that even though this is a difficult time, it is also a great one! Everybody doesn’t graduate from college so enjoy this moment!

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