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I just celebrated by (covers mouth) birthday and today is a new day! I’m going to live life to the fullest! We all need policies and organization but let’s not use fear as an excuse to live life or live it more carefully! Don’t get me wrong! We have to be more careful but still have fun!


Try something you’ve never tried before (Sushi, deep sea fishing, sky diving, owing a pet…I don’t know!)

Life is given to us to live more abundantly and we  don’t do that unless we get a bad doctor’s report! Why wait til you have 6 months to live to enjoy life?

You can start today! Here are some tips:

Visualize your dreams. Stop picturing the rut that you are presently stuck in, and instead focus on what you ideally want, such as a clean bill of health, strong and supportive relationships with family and friends, a successful career or a comfortable home environment. Take a few minutes to make a collage of words and photographs that say something to you. This will become your own vision board; be sure to place it somewhere that is visible to your every day, to serve as a reminder of what you need to focus on.

Transform your desires into habits. If you do not make a change in your life, your desires will remain just that. To live with passion and purpose, it is necessary to have both something to work for and something to work on. Define your tangible “wants.” Determine how you are going to go about achieving your wants. Set up specific goals to serve as milestones on your journey to success. Having goals can provide individuals with the sense of purpose that is necessary to get motivated (and working) on a daily basis. Defining your wants is not where it stops. Turn your wants into regular habits. Work to change small goals into bigger ones.

Avoid negativity. It is all too common for people to feel confined and restricted by negative influences and ideas. Stay away from negative people who try to limit you from going after your goals and dreams. Also, avoid stifling yourself by listening to restrictions you might have in your own mind. Surround yourself with positive influences and people who are trying to live more purposefully and passionately, as well.

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