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So, the weather is finally breaking which means that ladies it is time to get that body right! With warmer temperatures why not go out and take a jog? Around your neighborhood, around a reservoir, or maybe even around a track. Running or jogging is one of the simplest and most effective workouts for weight loss, as it involves the whole body, with particular focus on the large muscles of the legs. When you’re jogging to lose weight, a little bit of effort goes a long way, and you can easily build up to a steady exercise regimen.

Here are a more tips below:

Evaluate your physical condition and determine whether you’d be better off walking at first. Beginners, particularly those who are extremely overweight, should use caution when starting an exercise regime

Set a weight-loss goal. To lose 1 lb. per week, you need to burn 500 more calories each day than you consume. You can do this through exercise alone or through diet and exercise

Create a jogging schedule to follow throughout the week, varying your exercise routine for best results. Try jogging 15 minutes at a higher speed one day and 35 minutes at a slower pace the next. A few moderate 30-minute jog days in the mix will round out your schedule.

Buy good running shoes and hit the road. Map out a few routes, and start slowly if you need to, working up to a faster pace.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated while jogging.

Consult your health care provider before starting a new exercise regimen if you have a heart condition or other health problem.

 Those who jog alone, particularly women, may want to consider carrying pepper spray for protection.

Here are a few things that you should and should not do while working out:

What to wear:

Shorts are a very obvious and comfortable choice, one that I stick to exclusively. Some people prefer to wear longer pants (i.e. track pants, or the uber-popular black athletic pants for females – a la LuLu Lemon style).

 T-shirts are the way to go, especially if they are made from a dry-fit or moisture wicking material that will keep you nice and dry despite sweating. Some people prefer cut off sleeves (I’m included in this category) or basketball jerseys, and many females wear athletic tank tops – all are fair game.

Any sort of athletic shoe (excluding soccer cleats, golf shoes, etc.) will do – whatever you find comfortable. If playing squash or basketball, you can get special court shoes, but otherwise a good all around running shoe will suffice for most activities.

Sports Bras ONLY!!

What not to wear:

Layered shirts: some males feel inadequately buff and thus decide to layer their clothing to appear bigger. This really can’t be too comfortable, and unfortunately everyone can see you have 5 t-shirts on.

Sandals/flip-flops: Aside from looking like an idiot, when in an area with lots of heavy objects being tossed about (especially by people with poor gym etiquette – discussed in a later post) you want your feet covered and at least somewhat protected.

Barefoot: This is sort of like the above, but takes a special type of person to pull off.