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Tuesday’s Love Zone was all about the absolute worst Valentine’s Day gift listeners received.  There were definitely some disappointed folks in Baltimore on Feb 14th.

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Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever …..

The worst gift is to me not being loved by your spouse – Jimmy

Getting a dollar store card when you bought your man Jordans – April

gettn nothing from a man u been owth for 7 years n have to kids with – Stacy

2day by far is the worst vday……..I jus went off on him……its me I see..but I got out the barber shop late..still managed 2 cook steak….homemade mash..steamed shrimp..and broc&cheese….I had the sexy outfit out…the kids went2bed at 9 on tyme& after I was done cleanning he jus told me he was on is way home….I told him no…..don’t come home 4get it…only cuz I didn’t get 2 do the rest of my hair – Khandi

Bad fitting lingerie that is too small and something I would never ever wear – Morgan

I am with LaDawn — assorted chocolates. There is nothing like biting into a mystery candy and getting grossed out! – Tonya

A gift with someone else’s name on it because he is dumb and gave you the gift for the side chick – Dee