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Question: Name 2 people you love and why?


Cherie Tierra Mcbride First is God cause he is my creator and second my bf cause he’s the best thing in my life.

Lakisha Stackhouse God because he first loved me. Myself because im awesome.

Javein Scarwin The first two women in my life….my moms and my sister…..both of the passed a few years ago….I love them to this day for everyting they done for me….they took care of me….nurtured me….protected me….and taught me how to love….I learned so much from those two women….I thank God everyday for the time that they was in my life…no one can ever take there place.

Vonnie Fatz Long My Mom & my Dad, they are my back bone, their the reason why I work so hard to do for them what they have done for me, my brothers and my kids. God blessed me with great parents.

Eryn Brown My mom just for being there when ever I needed her regardlss of what time or day it was. And my godparents just for keeping me in line even to the day!! Good morning Dre!!

Lisa Horton First i love god for blessing me with the ability to love second i love my daughter!!

Dara J Kent my husband because he is my everything and my children because even if my efforts to change the world falls flat … my children will carry on my hard work after I am gone ♥ my family!

Michael Hater-Proof Croxton My wife, because she showed me that she would be there for me when nobody else was, and now I’m good, we both good. Second, all the family and friends who gave me false promises and didnt give a damn about me when I had nothing, because that showed me how strong I could really be by myself!

Alisha Harvin my son and my daughter :) they r the only reason i am here today , besides God. they need me but i need them so much more.

Stacy Izwhoiam Chestnut My siblings and my mom who I lost 3 yrs ago, and made to b the woman I am today. Still making her proud.

RobTrendsetter Brown God and my family for the unconditional love, support, understandiing, and even disagreements…Made me who I am…#underconstruction

“@ItsYaGirlKeitta: Definitely can’t name just one but @DreJohnson1 is definitely one of the many I love! #breakfastbite @92QJamsBmore”Luv u2

@3in3years Shekella Charity @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore:@ I love my husband because he works hard & I love my children cause they keep me smiling.

@meagypooh Megz @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore: gm dre bave, my 2 ppl r my moms and God, dont get any better nor higher!

“@10tiffany04: @DreJohnson1 @92qjamsbmore Kyla and OJ!!! My babies… They give my life purpose and joy…”

‎”@ChefBoY_RBOOGIE:@DreJohnson1 My Sister & @rihanna! whn Both our parents passd she took care of me & Rihanna jus cause she A Bad B**CH!

“@MoniLuvvJ_T: @DreJohnson1 My Twin Nieces &&My Friends( more like my sisters )”

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