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The holiday season is upon us and many of you will be scrambling around for gifts on Black Friday.  After stuffing your face with Turkey, candied yams, greens and more, you will probably be suiting up for war on the Black Friday battle grounds. No matter where you decide to shop this Friday, 92Q Jams got you cover with our official “Black Friday Surival Guide: 5 Steps to Easy Shopping”.

1. Make your list and check it twice! Look at the online stores for the best sales and to see which stores will have items you want to buy at the best price. Many stores such as Walmart, Target and Sears have pre-Black Friday sales going on now!

 2. Map out your shoppong plan. After choosing which stores you will patronize, make sure you choose the correct area to shop. There is nothing like having to go to Target and then to Walmart 10 miles away. Map out where you will shop and make sure all stores are in close proximity. You may have to make a quick dash to the next store.

3. Choose a shopping partner or better yet a group. The more shoppers the merrier as you will need to be in multiple places at once. You will need to stand in line for the TVs and the early-bird clothing specials as well. You will need to shop, but have someone in the cashier’s line too. Make the most of your shopping trip by getting all of your gifts in quickly and efficiently. Besides you will need someone to carry that 40′” TV thats on sale for $599 (reg. $799)  at Target!

4. Bring a calculator. As you fill your cart with great gifts on sale, the prices still ad up. Don’t get carried away. Use the calculator to add up the cost and stay under your budget. You can multiply your total cost by .06 to add in the taxes as well.

5. Wear comfortable shoes.  You must anticipate standing in long lines to get in the store, find items and make final purchases.

If you follow these steps you will be sure to have a solid, safe and successful shopping trip.

Watch the video below for what not to do on Black Friday.