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The mega-retailer and Kanye's brand have been in a heated back and forth over merchandise and logo similarities.


Walmart found itself in the middle of a digital controversy to begin the week thanks to emails containing racial slurs  that were sent to people customers This past Monday (May 26), dozens of Twitter users went on the social media platform to express their outrage over their information being used to first create fake shopping […]

Walmart will begin taking temperature of every employee prior to their shifts in the hopes of preventing the spread of coronavirus, the company announced on Monday. According to a press release, Walmart is in the process of sending digital thermometers to all of its store locations, which could take up to three weeks. Those who […]

Harford County Police are looking for a man who stole an entire cash register from Walmart. “This man took Walmart’s ‘self check out’ to the next level when he walked out with the entire cash register,” said Aberdeen Police Department on Facebook. Acccording to Fox 45, this Walmart is located at 645 South Philadelphia Road […]

Walmart is already known for rolling their prices back, well know they’re about to be known for doing something BIIIIG for their employees. Walmart just announced that they will pay for the schooling of 1.4 million of their employees no matter of their employmenet status (fulltime or parttime or salaried). Employees will only be asked […]

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

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There’s nothing quite like being home for the holidays and sharing the best meals of the year with your family and closest friends.

After watching this video I feel like nobody should have an excuse in life. You shouldnt make a reason why you have not earned what you want in life. If a man can lose 300 pounds by doing this, trust me you can make your dreams come true. source 

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Police in Amarillo, Texas are responding to reports of an active shooter and a possible hostage situation in a Walmart store in the city.

As Tracy Morgan returns to a more normal life since making a major recovery, the trial surrounding the accident continues. Click on the audio player to…