Being a celebrity sure isn’t easy, just ask Lil Wayne. The Young Money leader had to evict two male fans who were trying to get a glimpse of their favorite rapper while we was relaxing at his Miami crib. The two wannabe stalkers took a spin through Weezy’s upscale neighborhood after spotting a female guest enter the house. After waiting for a few minutes, the guys decided to pull up to his crib to what I’m guessing was to hopefully get a photo with Weezy. Why did they think this was even possible?

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Maybe these two should’ve visited this neighborhoood!

One of the guys spots Wayne and yells, “Weezy … Can we get a quick picture bro?”

Weezy’s response: “Yo, do me a favor, get the f— out this neighborhood, or get your head knocked the f— off, do that. Get the f— out this neighborhood homie.”

Why would you even think this would be a good look?

Watch how this plays out below:

Would you ring your favorite celeb’s bell if you knew where they lived?

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