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Diddy is known to do some off the wall ignorant things just because he’s Diddy. The hip hop mogul is clearly aware of the power that comes along with being rich and famous. He has been seen in public and on tape several times conducting himself in a distasteful manner.

I think we all might have a love hate relationship with Diddy. The hip hop community respects him because of his great contributions to hip hop. Yet there are those moments when you will catch Diddy acting a damn fool and you say to yourself, “What The Hell Is Wrong With Diddy?” After this weeks incident with T.I. which Diddy apologized for. TUD decided to compile a list of Diddy’s most ignorant moments.

Check out the list below.

Diddy and T.I. hosted a party after the BET hip hop awards at Compound night club in Atlanta over the weekend. Mr. Take That decides to  wild out on Kenny Burns for drinking Grey Goose instead of Ciroc.  I believe Kenny is sponsored by the brand so why wouldn’t he drink Grey Goose over Ciroc. T.I. decided to check Diddy to defuse the situation.

Diddy is known for trying to belittle his employees. During Making The Band 4 he decided to talk down to Laurieann Gibson who is currently the best choreographer in the game at the moment. The problem occurred when Laurieann decided to challenge the guys with learning the dance moves in one day. The boys could not keep up with Laurieann and looked a fool in front of Diddy. Diddy didn’t like Laurieann taking initiative and the two got into a heated argument. Diddy decided to let her know, “I’m psycho for real.”

Remember when Diddy changed his name to SWAG for a week? Yeah this is another ignorant moment for Diddy. Not only did he change his name for a week but he created a Twitter account and promotional video. In the video Ray J and a few of Diddy’s friends co-signs his name change yelling out “SWAG” over and over again. Check out the video below.

Nas’s manager Steve Stoute promised Diddy the clip where he impersonates Jesus on the cross would not appear in the “Hate Me Now” music video. Diddy decided not to include the clip because of his religion. When the video premiered, the clip of Diddy was included. Diddy was pretty upset with Steve Stoute and it was later reported that Steve Stoute was attacked by Diddy with a bottle of Champagne. Now wouldn’t you say that was pretty ignorant and not something a religious man would do. Lets not forget about the clip in the video where he spits Champagne in camera.

Diddy is beyond confident that Ciroc is the best vodka in the world. He stated, “If you’re not drinking Ciroc then you’re drinking pee-pee.” Well his competitors was not too happy with that. Georgi decided they were not going to take the jab sitting on the toilet. Instead they sent Diddy a toilet full of Ciroc. Georgi delivered an actual toilet full of Ciroc to the bad boy office.

Diddy appears to be drunk in the clip below going in on Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan for using Proactiv. Saying he was using the product for seven years and now everyone think its official because Jessica Simpson said so. You know Diddy wants to be the first person to put everyone on to something new. In the video below, Diddy channels everyone’s one drunk uncle at the family reunion and talks smack while rocking a Du-Rag.

Diddy decided to take the world into his bathroom and explain how it feels when he releases his urine. He seems to love to video blog as much as he love to say “take that.” This is just one of many video blogs Diddy has produced over the years. Check out the footage where Diddy uses the bathroom while he explains how good it feels and let out a sigh of relief.

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