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Would you have problem if your child was friends with their teacher on Facebook or followers on Twitter? The state of Missouri just passed a law making it illegal for state teachers to friend their students on Facebook.

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Here’s what you’re saying on Twitter:

“no. I would monitor the interaction. I was friends and still is friends with my teachers on fb” -MzXquisite

Here’s what you’re saying on Facebook:

“Why would a teacher even want to be friends with their students on fb or twitter… The student would then know too much about their teacher… Which could cause a disruption in learning… I don’t think they should have taken it as far as making it illegal though…” -Tashia Smith

“Everyone needs someone to talk to and if your child can’t talk to you I would hope that they could find a responsible adult be that a teacher and not another child for them to get bad advice.” -Gail Brown

“My students are able to contact me if they need help with assignments. They know to keep it professional and I do not comment on their pages they do not comment on mine. There is nothing for me to hide from them, some of their parents even contact me this way. Embrace technology do not run away from it. I have also been able to advert bad situations that had an impact on our school day.” -Cheryl Harrison Murray

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