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Raven-Symone covers the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine where, inside, she talks about her new show “The Great State Of Georgia,” what she finds sexy in a man and the difference between Raven “the brand” and Raven “the person.”

Wearing sequin shorts, a hooded dress, a cropped leather jacket and striped tube top, Raven-Symone’s styling finally matches her age. She’s grown up now!

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“The Great State of Georgia” appears to be your first mature role as a television actress. What can viewers expect from the show?

The show focuses on the problems you can go through when auditioning and being rejected and, sometimes, accepted. It’s a good journey that my character, Georgia, goes through with a friend and her aunt, which is played by Loretta Devine. I find it interesting that I’m doing a role that mirrored my younger life when I moved from Georgia to New York. This is more of a sophisticated comedy, but we don’t take away from the fun aspect of it.

When did you realize that you were not just an actress, but that “Raven-Symoné” had become a brand?

I knew that there was a business of Raven-Symoné when my father told me to “make sure that the public knows your real name and not just your character’s name.” The Disney Channel also helped to package what I wanted to do. But I know that there is more out there. Hopefully, the business aspect will be set up where I can back away and give opportunities to young men and women [to] showcase their talent when others may overlook them.

What do you find attractive in a man, and what is your ideal first date?

The things I find attractive are ambition, talent, teeth and a car. I don’t like to drive. It doesn’t have to be a Bentley. You can drive a Pinto, and I’ll pay for gas. But I won’t pay your insurance [laughs]. My ideal first date is no weave, no eyebrows, no makeup. I need to be in sweats, and I need him to be in sweats. We can drive around and see different houses. That’s my favorite date ever. I don’t want to go anywhere special. I just want to go for a ride.

Is there a way to balance a relationship with your schedule?

I was raised to be about my business. I love the people who are around, but if I get a [business] call, I have to get up and go. I’m on a path for myself. When I’m done, I’ll start that other side of life. I can’t have distractions. If you’re a distraction, you gotta go.

What will be Raven-Symoné’s legacy?

I want people to say, “She made me laugh and brightened my day. As a brand, she kept in mind the different flavors in the world.” And I want people to know that I was always honest and told the truth.

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