Seems alittle silly when you think about it! You know….stripping! What? I know you think about cause I do sometimes too! But then reality hits and I’m back to being the prude that I am! I found tips to help you channel your INNER STRIPPER! I’m sure you’re man will love this new side of you so why not strip for him once…or twice? Here are some tips, courtesy of!

Look at him, focus on him alone. You are his naughty girl and you want him, no one else. The crowded smoke filled room has nothing to do with you two. It’s just you, him and the music. 

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Take it slow. This is the golden rule oblivious to many man. It’s not always about the booty shaking although it is nice. Very nice according to my Stud colleagues and the vast amount of rain sessions going on in the strip clubs today. But we are talking about seduction ladies. A stripper once told me that the tell-tale sign of a true dancer is one who can dance slowly to every song. The key to doing this is listening to the underlying beat. Every song has it. Listen to it…

Music, music, music. Ladies please find something else besides Waka Floka Flame. I’m not knocking anyone, but part of seduction is setting the mood. Music influences your mood. It gives you the lioness walk, confidence, hidden dance moves, and lays the stage for your stripper take over.

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