Birds are falling out the sky, and emails with official restraining order documents are falling into my email.

This is the email that was awaiting me this morning:

Marques Houston wins civil case and restraining order against Raz B and brother Ricky Romance. The case paperwork is included in this email. Very interesting. I’m glad for Marques Houston.Also two more criminal cases included in this email of Raz B and brother Ricky Romance. These guys are complete criminals. The case and Marques Houston’s declaration include the courts acceptance and the filing restraining order in the email. Marques Houston won. Raz B got a 2 year restraining order against him by the judge. Ricky Romance got a 3 year restraining order against him. They can not talk to, email, twit or come within 100 yards of Marques Houston or his girlfriend Marlena Campbell. One court room onlooker said the judge threatened Ricky with 4 years in prison if he attempted to tape in court ever again. The judge also called Raz B mentally unstable. Marques Houston’s girlfriend was present as a witness. Again, I’m happy for Marques fighting back. These guys are criminals. I sent this out because I believe Marques Houston. I work in the court system. I wanted to send this out even though its now public record. This record is from the VAN NUYS SUPERIOR COURT.

Unsung Cruise



Check out the official restraining order documents, HERE!

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