OFFICE TALK: Watched the new Carmello Anthony/La La Full Court Wedding reality show on VH-1 last night. Tyrese (La La’s best friend) advised her to start hanging out with married women rather than with her single friends. Says she’ll learn more and that’s where her mindset should be. Is he right? Did you have to drop your single friends or have you been asked to drop them because you’re in a new relationship?

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Jamal Boogie Dwn Holden I say No Ki Unless the advice is bad 4 the relationship but as she gets more N2 her marriage she’ll start 2 C her surroundings change cause Melo not goin 4 tht BS & tryn 2 have his wife head GasD up!

Mike Nyce Nah, they don’t have to stop hanging out but ….but she should never take Advice from them…..Ladies like I always say …Dont let a Chick with No Man..Tell you what to do with yo Man!!! Follow theses rules and its all cool!!!

Alexis Means I just posted a question similar to this on my page last night. My BFF was getting advice from a chick who has no man and bad finances. I told her be careful of the company you keep when you’re trying to get delivered or blessed. When you move into a new season like engagement all your friends can’t come with you. I believe your mindset does have to change to make a marriage work. You can always do the things single folks do.

DJKODEWRED Wasn’t asked at all. That would b wrong. If asked, I would question her insecurity, which would spell TROUBLE,TROUBLE! Lol.

KrisCarter23 im single n my bff is married we still friends. i dnt c y they would say that. 2 me it seems like u cant trust me or somethin.

briawyche  no never been asked that and if I was I wouldn’t do it real friends r there forever


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