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We’ve heard it all before, men are from red planet pixie dust of Mars and women are from the fiery sulfuric mists of Venus. We couldn’t be more different even if we wore the same skeletons. We think different, feel different emotionally, speak differently and execute tasks differently. We’re worlds apart. So, why would we ever wear the same clothes? As the worlds of fashion and androgyny evolve, we sit back at the edge of the catwalk and watch designers and fashionistas bridge the gap between manly-man maschismo and superwoman feminism on the runway. Here is a list of the most celebrated unisex threads, accessories and trends that we are still going gaga over.

1. The Rihanna Mohawk

If you walk throughout any fashion-forward megacity cosmopolitan metropolis or even an small urban college town, we’re sure you will see young women with asymmetrical tresses. But, the pop princess ready made her mark on the indie androgynous male glitterati type, gay or straight, this summer. And the look—depending on the face, of course—is a win-win.

2.The P-Funk Pumps

What do you call vibrant nigh knee-high laced boots that look remarkably futuristic? We don’t know either, but it recalls a certain pioneering soulful, funk punk rock group if we do say ourselves.

3.Michael Jackson’s Rhinestone Jacket

Once upon a time on a now celebrated televised special known as Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever featured a former boy soprano who would later blossom into the premier pop megastar of the 20th and 21st centuries, Michael Jackson. Introduced by comedic legend Richard Pryor, Jackson and his band brothers shimmered and shined, singing Jackson 5 classics. Then, his iconic performance of his signature “Billie Jean” came. Jackson may have wowed the cheering audience, but fashionistas everywhere took notes on his trademark threads. The King of Pop’s glimmering black rhinestone jacket was taken and worn by women alike. In modern-day, only a year after his passing, Jackson devotee Chris Brown rocked out on stage with a mock rhinestone jacket and H&M has also a designed a similar jacket for their women’s summer 2010 line.

4.Kanye West’s Alain Mikli Shutter Shades

Seriously, was there anything bigger than these shades in 2008? Introduced to the public by one of the greatest producer emcees of the 21st century, Mr. West created a trend of offbeat shades starting with the famous shades by Armenian-Lebenese France-based designer Alain Mikli. When West’s Graduation hit “Stronger” launched around the globe, fashion outlets had sold out and bootlegging kiosk owners their hiked prices.

5.Africana Dashikis

During the late 80s and early-90s, there was a short and unsung movement that involved rappers and celebrities rooting to return back to the motherland. Among the ghettoblaster summer anthems like “Fight The Power” and a powerful shift in hip-hop music, people were donning dashikis everywhere. Regardless of color, these African staples are still more powerful and more visible than ever.

6.The Button-up Vest

There once was a time when the line between menswear tailoring and female haute was as divided as the republicans and democrats on healthcare reform. Now, its for the birds and fashion Berlin Wall is beginning to crumble. Worn by Usher, Trey Songz, Mario, Beyonce and Rihanna alike, the opened button-up vest is in full-effect, sparking the ultimate fashion question: Who wears it better, the boys or the girls?

7.The Disco Ball Pants

Year 3000, here we come! We thought Studio 54 chic had long since been in its twilight days: Less people tap razors on mirrors for their latest fix, no one wears boots with goldfish swimming in their glass heels, and bell bottoms have become more specific to women than to men. But recently, male fashion models have been seen on runaways in bow-chicka-wow-wow shattered mirror pants and with Lady Gaga bringing back the glitterball bra and pants on tour and in her videos, we’re seeing a truly unique rehash that we hope doesn’t go away anytime soon.

By Marcus Scott

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