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Q. how do you know when you have found the right one a.k.a your soulmate?

A. i do not believe in a soulmate. life is way too long and complicated for there to b only one person out there for u. i believe there are people who are a better fit and u know it when it is easy to b with them, u have common goals and they value u as much as u value yourself.


Q. ur ex is still very good friends with u, but u know that the new woman he’s with is cheating on him, do u tell him or mind your business?

A. mind ur business! i know u want to help him out but rarely does jumping into our friend’s relationship soup work out well. often they turn on the informers in the end. just b a support when he eventually finds out.


Q. I have been dealing with this particular guy for about 4 months, after he came home from prison.He had what he calls a “main chick” b4 he went away and recently something happened where she found out about me. I’m beginning 2 catch feelings, should I just leave it in the sheets or should I pursue him?

A. do not pursue him until he is free to pursue. he can’t offer u what u deserve if u continue to share him.


Q. ur older n wanna date a younger man well any man for real but he dont drive n except u to pick him up or always drive to see him should he be left alone

A. no, if u understand his situation and u know that u r not being taken advantage of — do ur thing.


Q. How do u know if the man u r with is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now….

A. u guys have things in common outside of the bedroom, u have common goals/ideals & he is the first person u call when things good/bad happen in ur day