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Every once in a while you come across a music video where the dancing is so good that you’re tapping your feet and shaking your a** in your chair.

You just want to jump up and learn the routine a.s.a.p but you cant because your dancing skills are not half way up to par with the performer. With the exception of a few these artists were more so dancers than singers and it shows!

10. B2k- Gots Ta Be

How did they get all 4 guys to move in unison so well?

9. Jennifer Lopez- Get Right

J.Lo moves like shes in her 20’s and sings like shes 13.

8.Janet Jackson- All For You

Janet better know how to dance, coming from such a talented family.

7. Beyonce- Crazy In Love

Beyonce is one of the lucky ones, who was blessed with vocals and dance ability. Crazy in Love didn’t have all the moves her new videos do– but this video started it all off!

6. Usher- You Make Me Wanna

Who wasn’t launching their hat across the room and kick people while trying to dance around your sneaker?

5.Ciara- Goodies

Ciara’s back bending moves, tight gyrations, and splits were something new to us! The video debuted and shot to number 1 faster than Petey Pablo could say “Freak A Leek”

4. Omarion- Touch

There’s no doubt about the next 2 artist. Whenever talking about great dancers these 2 have got to be mentioned. Neither one of them have the best vocal abilities but they can dance their sexy a**es off!

3.Chris Brown- Wall To Wall

2. Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody

“Are You That Somebody” changed the way females danced and dresses. I wanted a long skirt with splits up the side more than I wanted to eat!

1.Michael Jackson- Remember The Time

Who else could be number 1 besides Michael? Come on, I could of made a list with just his music videos alone!

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