Love Zone with LaDawn Black listeners spoke up loud and clear on those sexy summer fashion trends that should end immediately.


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Stop This Immediately:


  • Ladies Rocking the Amber Rose Haircut or the Cassie/Rihanna Shaved Sides
  • Jesus Sandals with Crowded Toes
  • Leggings with Bad Underwear or No Underwear
  • Too Tight/Tiny Clothes
  • Lacefronts in the Heat with the Shape Up in the Front
  • Bikinis with Stretchmarks
  • Yellow Wifebeaters
  • Men in Capris
  • G-Unit Anything
  • Short Shorts with Black Rings on the Back of Thighs
  • No Bras and You Need One
  • Sandals Without a Pedicure
  • Men with Skinny- Saggy Jeans – Huh??
  • Clothes that Make You Look Like Cottage Cheese in a Plastic Bag
  • Huge (4x) White Tees
  • Butt Crack and Muffin Tops – Men and Women
  • Shorts with Uggs

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