valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! Celebrate the women you love – your friends, your sister, your mom, YOURSELF – with these heart- and love-inspired items and gifts. From sweaters and bracelets to earrings and skirts, we’ve got you covered. And they’re all for under $50! 10 Valentine’s Day-Appropriate Lingerie Items For Under $50 How To Decorate […]

Back in 1994 when Common dropped “I Used To Love H.E.R.” who knew that he’d inspire so many artists to confess their love to hip-hop? With the single from One Day It’ll All Make Sense, Common elevated hip-hop to a metaphorical woman whose name stood for “Hip-Hop in its Essence and Real” (even though Hearing […]

With Lil Kim’s ‘Black Friday’ mixtape dropping tomorrow, one of the tracks have hit the net. Lil Kim cover’s Nicki’s “Did It On Em’ Warning: Explicit Language Is it just me or this another “L” for Kim?

The Friday before Valentine’s Day is deemed national “Side-Chick” day. It’s the day when couples are most likely not going to be around one another, leaving room for side-pieces to get love. There is at least one song on this list that you can catch every side-chick playing…ok maybe not every side-chick, but definitely some! […]

Why are men so hard to buy gifts for? They don’t like shopping, they couldn’t give a damn about whether their sweater matches their shoes and they don’t really have much need for makeup or jewelry. There goes all the things I know about. I can buy a present for my brother’s girlfriend, who I […]

The first ever “Q Singles Sunday” was a night to remember!

As thoughts turn to flowers, chocolates, balloons, cards and romance with someone special for many people this weekend, Valentine’s Day will be just another day in the life for Omarion.

National Jumpoff Day, which we all know is February 13th came early this year for Cassie.  Diddy’s #1 jumpoff took to Twitter to post about her early Valentine’s Day.

Throughout the history of blacks on television, we’ve seen many beautiful and loving couples come across our screens, like Will and Sasha from “Meet The Browns.”