Las Vegas police have arrested Duane “Keffe D” Davis for ordering the 1996 murder of one of Hip Hop’s most influential artists, Tupac Shakur. Keffe D has long been known to investigators as one of the four suspects in Tupac’s killing. Although he isn’t the accused gunman, he’s been considered the “ringleader.” “Duane Davis was […]

Earlier this month, Las Vegas police executed a search warrant at a home in Henderson owned by the wife of Duane “Keefy D” Davis, who is the uncle of Tupac’s suspected killer, Orlando Anderson. While searching the home, police found several .40 caliber bullets, which will now be tested by forensics experts to determine if […]

30 years later, the murder of the famous rapper, Tupac Shakur, is still unsolved, but there have been some recent developments in the case. Earlier this week, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department executed a search warrant on a home in connection to Tupac’s death. Initially there weren’t many details surrounding the search, but according […]

Hype Beasts are going to paint the town red as soon as winter makes an exit. SUPREME’s upcoming drop is filled to the brim with bulky logos and collaborations. For streetwear enthusiasts the end of February is poised to be a feeding frenzy. The world’s most prominent brand in the sub-culture is prepping what seems […]

The late Tupac “2Pac” Shakur has ebene immortalized in art pieces many times over since his tragic 1996 death. A photo depicting Pac’s likeness made rounds over the weekend with many noticing that the work looked nothing like the late rapper. Twitter user and YouTuber @lajoy1x posted an image of the statue, claiming that it […]

So I’m starting to think that some of these artist are saying stuff to create a buzz. You would think that with the release of Young Thug’s new album, Beautiful Thugger Girls, would be enough. Apparently, it isn’t. Thugger took to Twittet to announce that he is the “new Pac”! I dropped E.B.B.T.G on 2PAC’S […]

One of the most anticipated movies of all times, All Eyes On Me, is in theaters today. The Tupac biopic details his personal and public life as a rapper. One of his close friends, Jada Pinkett, was portrayed in the film, as they had been friends since their ‘School Of The Arts’ days. However, Jada […]


THE VIDEO BELOW HAS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO WATCH At one point Tupac was the best rapper alive and he is still remembered for that accomplishment. He put out more music in a short time then most rappers ever did. Most people believe that 2Pac is still alive somewhere on […]

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It seems that we are seeing a resurgence of the musical biopic. Films like Straight Outta Compton, the Miche’le biopic on Lifetime and the upcoming 3-part New Edition biopic on BET are just some examples proving that movies about musical figures, specifically black musical figures, are successful and in-demand these days. One of the most-anticipated […]

With President Obama's tenure winding down, many are wondering whether he will use his constitutional powers to grant clemency before he leaves office.

Every week the Rap Attack crew grades all things hip-hop but, this isn’t your TYPICAL report card. We have our own way of doing things. Check out our grading policy: D – The Highest Grade….D for “DOPE” C – An OK Grade….C for “Chills” B – Uhhhh…. B for “Boooooo” A – TRY AGAIN…A for AWWWW HELLLL NO!!! This Week: HIP HOP: Mos […]

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It may be hard to believe (or not, given your perspective) that 20 years have passed and the murders of hip-hop icons Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls remain unsolved. Sure there have been dozens of conspiracy theories as to who murdered the two young artists and changed the face of hip-hop in the process, but […]