Who doesn’t like a great trick especially if it involves props, people, and a lot of household projects. You set everything up and hopes it goes off without a hitch. Then what happens…. someone mess it all up! I watched this video like 200 times and got mad every time. Check it out for yourself….And […]


    I love magic! I always wanted to be a magician, doing card tricks in the cafe at school looking like a fat stupid boy lol. But this trick right here….THE TRUTH! Follow the instructions and you will be amazed. Please leave a comment whether it worked ….. or not. The trick is …… […]

Surprise, surprise…eating donuts isn’t really that bad.  It’s all about when you eat them and with what.  Yep, eating a donut in the morning with a high protein food is not that bad.  It actually will keep you full and control your sugar cravings later in the day, according to this article I found on […]

The D.A. Report She’s been trickin’ and stuntin’ years but now some people are saying she took it too far. People are mad because she used a tricky tweet to help her brother Rob Kardashian avoid losing on “Dancing With the Stars.”Kim tweeted to her 10 million plus followers after Monday’s show, “OMG I have […]