After an intense standoff, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Tik Tok entered into an agreement to restore music from UMG artists on the social media app. Earlier this year, UMG pulled its catalog from Tik Tok after new contract negotiations fell through with UMG accusing Tik Tok of not adequately compensating artists or protecting them […]

The Senate has officially passed a $95 billion spending package that could ban Tik Tok if its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, doesn’t sell the social media platform within a year. The bill passed with a 79-18 vote and includes financial aid to Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. It is now headed to President Biden’s desk for […]

It’s so hard to say goodbye but saying goodbye to TikTok might be the best thing for the United States. In a vote yesterday, Lawmakers voted 24 to 16 to approve the Biden Administration to ban the China-based social media app. Representative Michael McCaul says that “TikTok is a national security threat….It’s time to act. […]

It seems that this divorce from Kanye West is beginning to make Kanye a little bitter. One of Ye’s most vocal parts about his divorce is having access to his kids. According to Ye, that is why he purchased a home across the street from Kim. Well in the next turn of events in the […]

Social Media was buzzing yesterday after a short-form video on Tik Tok spread like wild fire warning schools of shootings on Friday, December 17th, across the country. School systems and Law Enforcements were made aware of the threats and began to investigate the post and warn families of the threat. During their investigation they found […]

Kanye West has a pretty dope Idea that may actually work if you goes through with it. Yeezy tweeted that he  was scrolling through TikTok with his daughter and  he realized that a lot of the content is inappropriate for children, so  he wants to switch it up! He wants to make a Christina tik […]

Drake has done it again with his new single “Toosie Slide” that has social media putting their right foot up, left foot and sliding all over the house! Drizzy’s new track is the perfect quarantine track as he shows you can do his dance moves while wearing a mask & gloves while social distancing. Check […]


Dani Leigh has been dancing around the world for quite awhile now. Since the drop of her single ‘Lil Bebe’ she has getting bigger and bigger. Following that song was another bop with Chris Brown called ‘Easy’. Dani loves to dance (as we all know from following her on IG) so the concept of Triller […]