Question: Predict the score for Sunday’s Ravens -vs- the Steelers Suck game? ThickDiva428 Toiya Best @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore 35-7 Ravens!!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Warren Rountree ‎28 to 7 ravens Whoelsebutme Selden likes this..Eryn Brown ‎31 to 14 Ravens taking it all letting them know they can get a whipping in there town too!! Vonnie Fatz Long Steelers 30 […]

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Question: What’s your Ravens -vs- Steelers prediction for Sunday at M&T? Toiya Tko Best Ravens Win!!!!!!! Evangalyn A Bullock Damn…….I luv the Steelers 2!! I guess Ravens, must represent. Freddie Gill- We gone lose I hope we win tho. Latia Lovely Little Ravens going in!!!!!!!!! MrsShekella Charity- Ravens 21 Steelers 14. Eric Gray- Ravens 17 […]

People like us  nationwide have turned up in full force for the Green Bay Packers to win the Big game.  In Lincoln Financial Field, the Georgia Dome and Soldier Field “Go Pack Go!” chants have been heard, spurring the Packers toward victory. While the Super Bowl may not feature allocated seating for either fanbase like a college […]

The Baltimore Ravens set up what could be another classic, a bruising third meeting with AFC North rival Pittsburgh when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7 in Sunday’s wild-card game. Baltimore and Pittsburgh finished tied atop the division at 12-4. The Ravens completely shut down AFC West champion Kansas City’s passing game and forced […]